EU agreed 15.50 euros per dose for Pfizer vaccine


The price, which is confidential and was negotiated for a total of 300 million doses, is a little lower than the $19.50 per shot the United States agreed to buy a very first shipment of 100 million doses of the same vaccine, in series with what Reuters reported in November.

The EU file dated Nov. eighteen was circulated internally following the EU announced its supply deal with Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech on Nov. eleven.

The EU drug regulator is actually expected to decide on Monday on approval for the Pfizer vaccine after the photo was authorised in a few countries, like Britain and also the United States.

On Thursday Belgian declare secretary with the budget Eva De Bleeker published on Twitter a dinner table with prices Belgium will shell out pharmaceutical companies for their COVID-19 vaccines. She retracted the content shortly after publishing.

In that dinner table the Pfizer vaccine was indicated as costing Belgium 12 euros ($14.6) a dose, leading many to believe that has been the entire fee agreed by the EU.

Various other vaccines in the family table were furthermore shown with rates lower than rates disclosed by EU sources.

“There is for sure a complete fee and a cost upon delivery,” an EU official required in talks with vaccine makers told Reuters when asked to clarify the difference between the EU and Belgian rates.

A spokesman for De Bleeker declined to comment on Monday, citing confidentiality needs, but pointed to what De Bleeker told the Belgian parliament last week. In that public hearing, De Beeker said Belgium’s budgeted prices were still partial.

Underneath EU advanced purchase deals for COVID 19 vaccines, the bloc concurs upfront payments with companies to secure doses before they are approved. Following approvals, EU governments are able to pay the rest to get reserved doses.

The EU hasn’t revealed the initial payment agreed with Pfizer.

But, it stated in October that it paid aproximatelly 1 billion euros found in downpayments to AstraZeneca, Sanofi and Johnson and Johnson for their shots, with an additional 1.45 billion euros budgeted for initial payments to Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna and Curevac.

It’s since agreed source deals with all six organizations and it is negotiating a seventh understanding with Novavax.

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