Premier League rules out sourcing Covid 19 vaccine

Premier League rules out strategic sourcing Covid 19 vaccine

The Premier League continues to rule out going about trying to source a private supply of coronavirus vaccine despite a the latest flurry of postponements of top flight matches.

The PA news agency reported at the beginning of December that the league had ruled out any move to secure the own supply of its, and it is understood recent improvements have not changed that position.

The league is actually understood to believe that the most susceptible in society must receive the vaccine first, and in virtually any case, at present, demand outstrips governments and resource around the world have ordered up stocks before makers have also produced them.

It is understood clubs have expressed a willingness to assist with the rollout of vaccines, that will now be in a position to take place on a much greater scale following the acceptance of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine on Wednesday.

Brighton are understood to be ready to help in any manner they will when approached to do so.

The Premier League put out a statement on Wednesday night insisting that there were no plans to pause the season, if not any talks over such a move, despite 2 games being called off so far this week.

Manchester City‘s match against Everton on Monday was postponed due to coronavirus, and so too was Fulham’s match at Tottenham on Wednesday.

The league found eighteen positive cases on Monday from its most recent round of testing of players and staff, probably the highest number since testing started out as part of Project Restart in the summer.

But the Premier League statement added: “The league continues to have confidence in its Covid 19 protocols to let fixtures to be played as scheduled, and those protocols keep on to enjoy the full backing of Government.

“With the health of players as well as staff the priority, the league is additionally completely supportive of just how clubs are actually implementing the protocols as well as rules.”

Shrewsbury became the latest club to inform the EFL of the failure of theirs to fulfil a fixture, in this case their Sky Bet League One match against Crewe on Saturday.

3 matches in that division because of to be played on Saturday have now been postponed due to coronavirus outbreaks.

The latest spate of rise and postponements rise in infections has placed question marks over the amount of of next month’s FA Cup third round ties are going to be played as scheduled.

All clubs involved will experience tests beforehand. Testing for non-Premier League clubs will be paid for by the Professional Game Board.

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